Salta: the doctor guaranteed the rights of the young woman to a legal interruption of pregnancy

Today they arrested a doctor at the Juan Domingo Perón Hospital, in Tartagal, in Salta, for practicing a Legal Interruption of Pregnancy. The practice was requested by a patient of legal age, in full exercise of her autonomy. To apply for the practice, he traveled more than 53 kilometers to the hospital. The 21-year-old girl was in the 22nd week of pregnancy.

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When she was received at the health center, she was cared for by an interdisciplinary team made up of a doctor, a social worker and a psychologist. He had separate interviews with each of them, who also informed the director (manager) of the hospital, who found that it was the causal health and that it was duly justified.

Article 86 of the Penal Code allows abortion until week 14 without having to give explanations about the reasons for doing so. It also allows abortion if the pregnancy to be interrupted was the product of rape or if the life or integral health of the pregnant person was at risk. The latter was the case of the young woman from Salta.

The young woman was accompanied throughout the process and was cared for by professionals who guaranteed her rights and listened to her.

From within the hospital, professionals opposed to the comprehensive health of women, seeing that they could not interrupt the process, decided to summon the young woman’s family. In this way, they violated his right to confidentiality and contravened his will.

Her relatives arrived in the middle of the procedure and the young woman had a moment of doubts, but immediately decided to continue with the procedure and expressed it. It is important to note that the complaint to the doctor was not made by the young woman, whose rights were not violated, but by a relative.

The procedures performed by the medical team are within the law and each step taken was accompanied with conviction by the hospital management and recorded in the medical record. The doctor who was arrested today in an intimidating and disciplinary scene in her workplace, is the only non-objector professional, who guarantees the right to comprehensive health for women and other people with the ability to gestate in the area. This afternoon she was released.

We believe that it is essential to respect the privacy of the young woman, as neither the objector doctors who called relatives, nor the media that fall into morbidity without real data, nor the judicial power that could have saved the staging of the disciplinary detention. It is also essential that those who put obstacles to access the rights arising from a democratic society receive the corresponding sanctions.

Guaranteeing rights is not a crime.


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