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Media and symbolic violence: under the magnifying glass of a new Public Defender’s Office

We received a response from the Public Defender's Office regarding the claims of symbolic and media violence carried out on the Los Angeles de la Mañana program on Channel 13 and the journalist Fabiana Dal Prá on the central…

We have an Ombudsman and she is a feminist

Last Wednesday, May 27, in the midst of the health emergency affecting Argentina, the bicameral commission for the Promotion and Monitoring of Audiovisual Communication, Telecommunications Technologies and Digitization approved…

Again macho soup in the media

As part of our work monitoring public policies regulating the media, we identify situations of media and symbolic violence and carry out the corresponding complaints. On this occasion, it was about the broadcasts of two television programs:…

We denounce TN for media and symbolic violence

In the framework of our work of monitoring public policies regulating the media, we identified and denounced two situations of media and symbolic violence that were exposed in two programs of the Todo Noticias channel last week. “Below,…

We denounce Eduardo Feinmann for his homo-hate statements about Facundo Nazareno Saxe

By virtue of Eduardo Feinmann's homo-hateful expressions about the person, life and work of a CONICET researcher, from the Fundeps Gender and Sexual Diversity Team we decided to report this case to the Public Defender's Office and the National…

Acclamation in the Public Defender’s Office continues: new Provisional Director

The last week of September, the Bicameral Commission for the Promotion and Monitoring of Audiovisual Communication, presided over by Senator Eduardo Costa (UCR), unexpectedly decided on the provisional appointment of a new Public Defender: Eduardo…

Seven months and counting of acephaly for the Public Defender’s Office

Despite not having designated authority, the Office of the Public Defender continues to receive international awards for its management in previous years. In this case, the "Inter-American Award for Innovation for Effective Public Management".

Worrying situation of the Public Defender’s Office

Hace tres meses que la Defensoría del Público se encuentra acéfala, circunstancia que deja al organismo imposibilitado para realizar plenamente las funciones asignadas en la vigente Ley de Servicios de Comunicación Audiovisual. Esta situación contraría las recomendaciones del Comité de la CEDAW y agrava la situación de vulnerabilidad de los derechos de las audiencias.