# 28J: Enough of transvesticides and transfemicidios

On June 28, the international day of LGBT pride is celebrated in commemoration of a series of events known as “Stonewell riots” that mark the beginning of the struggle for collective rights.

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A police raid that persecuted homosexual people who frequented the Stonewall Inn bar in New York gave rise to the demonstrations that, in 1969, were the most visible and iconic milestone of the time in the struggle of the LGBT + community.

This 28J finds the collective continuing and deepening this struggle. The transvestite and trans organizations celebrate this date with the convocation to the third national march under the slogan: “Enough of transvesticities and transfemicidios”. There will be mobilizations in the City of Buenos Aires and in different cities of the country.

Two important events accompany this day. First, the unpublished and historic June 18 ruling that sentenced Gabriel David Marino to life imprisonment for the crime against the transvestite human rights activist Diana Sacayán. It was the first time that Justice used the term “transvesticide” in the files. In the sentence, the court considered that it was a hate crime and that it mediated gender violence. On the other hand, the same day, the World Health Organization excluded transsexuality from its list of mental disorders, marking a great advance in the historical claim of the LGBT + group for the total depathologization of transsexuality and human diversity.

Also, today at 2:00 p.m. a bill that seeks the promotion of formal employment for transgender people and transvestites in the provincial sphere will be presented in the Legislature of Córdoba. This local initiative is part of the National Campaign for Trans and Transvestite Labor Inclusion that was launched in 2016.

In a sociocultural context of increasing respect and tolerance towards oppressed groups and minorities, much remains to be done. Although there are no official figures, the organizations count more than 40 victims of transvesticides and transfemicides so far this year. Also worrying is the average life of the trans community, which is barely 35 years old.

“We go out to the streets to shout enough of transvesticides and transfemicidios, enough of hate crimes, enough of avoidable deaths, enough of exclusion, enough of persecution and criminalization, enough to deny us access to work, we demand the law of labor quota in all the country, for the effective application and respect of the law of gender identity, especially in the field of health, because the medication is delivered to people living with HIV / AIDS, and for the approval of a law of historical reparation for transvestites and trans victims of institutional violence “manifest the slogans on this day of pride.


Mayca Balaguer


Virginia Pedraza – vir.pedraza@fundeps.org