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Front labeling law: delays and questions

Faced with the excessive delay due to the enactment of the front warning labeling law in the Chamber of Deputies, we submitted requests for information to the Anticorruption Office and the Transparency Office of the lower house in order to determine…

What is happening with the labeling law?

On October 29, 2020, the Chamber of Senators gave a half sanction to the bill for the Promotion of Healthy Eating, with 64 positive votes and 3 negative. From then on, the Chamber of Deputies had the duty to promote the corresponding…

History not to repeat: in Uruguay the industry managed to accommodate the labeling in its favor

Through a regulatory decree, Uruguay modified the criteria established for the application of warning stamps on food products. With the new resolution, the limits to critical nutrients were relaxed and companies will be able to sell their products…

Clear labeling now: not a step back

From Fundeps we are addressing the senators to express the importance of their vote in favor of the Front Warning Labeling Law, which already has a favorable opinion from the Health and Industry and Commerce commissions. “Below,…

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In Argentina there is no food labeling system established by law that informs consumers clearly, truthfully and simply what it is that we are consuming. Front warning labeling with black octagons provides straightforward information…

National government seek to agree a new model of food labeling

In a context of alarming prevalence of childhood obesity and overweight, Argentina aims to move towards a new model of food labeling. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Production seek to agree on the model to be followed in our country. “Below,…