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What is happening with the labeling law?

On October 29, 2020, the Chamber of Senators gave a half sanction to the bill for the Promotion of Healthy Eating, with 64 positive votes and 3 negative. From then on, the Chamber of Deputies had the duty to promote the corresponding…

History not to repeat: in Uruguay the industry managed to accommodate the labeling in its favor

Through a regulatory decree, Uruguay modified the criteria established for the application of warning stamps on food products. With the new resolution, the limits to critical nutrients were relaxed and companies will be able to sell their products…

Normative analysis: How is the new tobacco regulation in Córdoba?

Today, May 31, the World No Tobacco Day is celebrated. On the occasion of this date, we carry out an analysis of the latest law passed in Córdoba on the matter. “Below, we offer a google translate version of the original article in Spanish.…

Analysis of regulations on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship prohibition in Córdoba

In October 2019, in the province of Córdoba, Law 10,661 was passed, amending Law 9,113 establishing the Permanent Provincial Program for the Prevention and Control of Smoking in the province of Córdoba. This new legislation extends the threshold…

Healthy school environments: a key policy in the fight against childhood overweight and obesity

The Ministry of Health of the Nation published a document that condenses a series of recommendations for the implementation of policies to prevent overweight and obesity in children and adolescents (NNyA) in educational institutions. It…

More than 15 Latin American countries requested presidents measures to protect health

During the VIII Summit of the Americas that took place in Lima, Peru, presidents of the region discussed corruption, the governance of our peoples and economic and social sustainability. For the first time at the Summit, health is on the agenda. “Below,…

We present a report on NCDs to the Committee on the Rights of the Child

Together with FIC Argentina, the O'Neill Institute and the Chair of Food Sovereignty of the Nutrition School of the UBA, we present a report in which we warn the situation of chronic diseases in Argentina focusing on the particular situation…

Introducing amicus curiae to defend the right to information and health

Together with the Inter-American Heart Foundation (FIC), Argentina presented an amicus curiae before the Constitutional Court of Colombia on August 10, in a cause of censorship of a campaign to raise awareness of the effects of sugary drinks.

First meeting of the National Commission on Healthy Eating and Obesity Prevention

Buenos Aires, July 18. We participated in the first meeting of the National Commission on Healthy Eating and Obesity Prevention that takes place in the Ministry of Health of the Nation. Institutions and personalities specialized in the subject are involved.

The Court of Colombia removed a censorship on a pro-health campaign

The decision null and void the prohibition on “Take it seriously”, an operation aimed to make people aware of the impacts of the sugar-sweetened drinks. It sets a precedent on the defense of the information, health and food rights.

Lack of information from the World Bank Project on non-communicable diseases

On June 11, 2015, the World Bank Board approved a project to Argentina for a 350 million dollars in the health area. This project focused on the Protection of Vulnerable Population against NCDs, supported the strategy of the Ministry of Health for these diseases, in search of improved the access to prevention and control services to 3.2 million adults between 40 and 60 years who takes greater risks. We presented a request for information to the World Bank because of the lack of official information project and the non-reply from the Ministry of Health of the Nation and the province of Cordoba